Project Tracking/Product Management

The Applications in the Ezra TC Group Solution Packages were created to help keep the flow of information moving and assist with the tracking and managing of one or many projects. Project Tracking and Product Management teams can benefit from Applications in this solution package to capture and share team knowledge while keeping members all on the same page.

Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects*

The Budgeting and Tracking Multiple Projects application in the Ezra TC Group Solution Packages helps project teams track and budget multiple, interrelated sets of activities. The template provides project management tools such as project creation, assignment of new tasks, Gantt Charts and common status designators. It helps team members consolidate the status of multiple projects into a single view, tracking progress against a set project budget and timeline.

Change Request Management*

The Change Request Management application in the Ezra TC Group Solution Packages helps users track risks associated with a design change. Team members can submit a change request, notifying stakeholders of the risks involved with the change. The application template allows a team member to approve or reject the request.

Discussion Database

In  this Ezra TC Group Solution Package, team members can create and reply to discussion topics. Discussions are organized by categories, which are created by a site manager, and can be linked to Office Outlook 2007 via an RSS feed.

Document Library and Review*

The Document Library and Review in the Ezra TC Group Solution Packages helps people manage the review cycle common to processes like new product specification, publication, knowledge management and project plan development. It combines the functionality of a version-tracking document library with a threaded discussion list to provide a feedback and revision system. This template is intended for teams that need a central location for document review, discussion, revision control and approval.

Knowledge Base*

The Knowledge Base in the Ezra TC Group Solution Package helps teams manage the information that is resident within their organization. The template enables team members to upload existing documents or create new ones using web-based content creation tools. Items are tagged with relevant identifying information so that others can more easily find the documents and learn from the collective knowledge in their organization. The template can be utilized in a ‘top down’ approach, where a centralized knowledge department ‘pushes down’ relevant content to the rest of the business or a ‘bottom up’ approach, where knowledge is captured and shared by all users as a normal part of doing business.

Project Tracking Workspace*

The Project Tracking Workspace in the Ezra TC Group Solution Package helps small team projects manage project information in a single location. The Ezra TC Group Solution Package provides a place where a team can list and view project issues and tasks. Functionality is provided to help drive project status reporting, including assignment of new tasks, Gantt Charts and common status designators.

Team Work Site

The Ezra TC Group provides Solution Package for the team to manage the development, deployment and support of software projects. This Package allows users to update information on projects, tasks, issues, milestones and bugs. It also includes help desk functionality, making it easy for team members to guide service requests from initiation to resolution. Role based dashboards provide relevant information to team members, such as unassigned tasks and performance history.

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The Ezra TC Group has provided outstanding services to our Company'
The Ezra TC Group has provided outstanding services to our Company's Software implementation. Their service was planned according to our needs, budget and infrastructure. Implementation was as smooth as it can be, but definitely their major achievement was the follow up by their Software Developers. They have always been there for us when we needed services to be performed “yesterday” getting the job done on their first attempt. They have gained our confidence and are our main stop when IT needs arise.
Anari Edward