Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams often need to be kept up-to-date on the latest information and competitive knowledge to perform. The application templates in this group were created specifically to help those teams stay on top with scenarios that help manage sales leads and contacts, organize competitive analysis, and assist with marketing campaigns and new product planning.

Competitive Analysis Site

The Competitive Analysis Site application template in the Ezra TC Solution Package,  helps teams organize information about competitors and their products.

This  help teams organize information about competitors and their products. The site provides useful Microsoft Office 2010 documents to perform SWOT and other useful competitive analysis techniques. Links to industry, company and product news can also be included to provide a single location for all competitive information.

Contacts Management*


The Contacts Management application template helps teams manage contact information that needs to be shared among team members. The application template allows teams to enter contact information through a Web-based interface or through Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. When used in conjunction with Office Outlook 2007, team members can 'subscribe' to receive updated contract information whenever other users make changes to a contact.

Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking

The Integrated Marketing Campaign Tracking application template helps marketing managers track the implementation and success of outbound marketing activities. The template allows a manager to create marketing activities and track the results of those activities, such as responses generated and sales completed. The template contains multiple methods of analyzing the success of the campaigns including automated calculations and Office Excel 2010 templates for more detailed analyses.

Product and Marketing Requirements Planning

The Product and Marketing Requirements Planning application template enables teams to manage the process of collecting and documenting requirements for new products. The site provides several Microsoft Office 2010 templates providing useful techniques for Marketing, Product and Steering committee actions as well as a template for meeting notes and financial information.

Sales Lead Pipeline*


The Sales Lead Pipeline application template helps teams manage the sales pipeline by tracking leads, opportunities, contacts, and accounts. Through role-based dashboards, team members can track sales information, assign open opportunities and gain visibility into the status of overall leads entered into the application template.

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The Ezra TC Group has provided outstanding services to our Company's Software implementation. Their service was planned according to our needs, budget and infrastructure. Implementation was as smooth as it can be, but definitely their major achievement was the follow up by their Software Developers. They have always been there for us when we needed services to be performed “yesterday” getting the job done on their first attempt. They have gained our confidence and are our main stop when IT needs arise.
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